• Why Choose Us

    We have been running online group breaks since 2011. We specialize in mid-high end product and we run a fairly high volume! We broadcast in full High definition with a lively chat room full of other collectors to converse and interact with.

  • What is A Group Break

    A group break is quite simply, a "group" of collectors getting together to split the cost of a product being opened. There are many different ways to do this, which are covered below. Essentially, each member who joins a group break is designated a certain team, and will then receive any cards that come out of the product that feature that team on them. There are rules in place for multi-player cards as well, please read on below for those policies.

  • What is the Product

    Product is simply defined as whatever is being opened in the group break, It can be a single box of cards, a couple boxes of cards, 1/2 a case of boxes, or a full sealed master case of boxes. Below we have defined the different type of slang terms used in the hobby.

    Box Break - Single box group break.
    Mixer Break - Multi-box group break.
    1/2 Case break - a Full master case break split into two breaks.
    Case Break - A full, sealed master case of boxes in one break.