Why submit your cards with Camzcardz?
  • No Annual Membership - Some grading services charges individual submitters an annual fee to be able to send cards to them for grading, we do not require that.
  • Save Time! - We are sure you have better things to do on a weekend than log and pack your cards to send to out. That’s why we are here to do it for you.
  • Lower Cost of Shipping & Insurance - Because we send group submissions, the cost of insurance and shipping is shared by everyone.
For all status updates to any submissions, please DM our Instagram @Camzcardz. We will have a link to track your subs soon!

The grading submissions we currently support are listed below. Please read over the details before you submit any cards to us, and feel free to ask us any questions that you may have on the process.
*Note: The companies have multiple times upped the cost on the fly and as such, we have to as well. We will inform anyone who currently has cards waiting to go out if the cost increases for you to decide to opt out or not.

Group Submissions
By default, any card submitted for Value (PSA), will go into a group submission.
PSA Value Bulk (1980-Present)
~65 business days
Cards up to $499 value

PSA Value Plus


~20 business days
Cards up to $499 value

PSA Regular


~10 business days
Cards up to $1499

PSA Super Express


~6 business days
Cards up to $4999 value



**Upcharges happen when the card, after grading, is worth more than the max declared value. PSA will up-charge to the level it should have gone under.

Personal Submissions
If you send enough cards to fill a group submission on your own, we can send this as a personal order. We can also send any of the services above at the higher service levels, which reduce your turn-around times. Ask us for what options are available and at what cost.

Payment: Payment is due on drop off date. Cash, CC, Apple Pay & Cashapp is accepted. Depending on your submission you may be approved to pay at the end of the grading process.
***Please be aware of upcharges. Pay attention to the submission value maximums. If you get upcharged you are 100% liable for any and all upcharges. 

Late Fees: If you don't pay for your submission within 2 weeks, a late fee of $3/card will be applied. If they aren't paid for within 2 months, we auction the cards at a 50% consignment rate less all grading fees plus a MINIMUM convenience fee of $5/card. Please submit payments for graded cards on time, we get billed for them when we send in. In other words, we are already floating the fees for 30-90 days by the time we get the cards back.

Preparing Your Submission
Before sending you cards to us, here are a few things you can do to make the process easier on both parties.
- Include a return address on your package. This will help us note who the submission is from if you don't denote it anywhere else.
- Denote inside the package, what service the cards are being sent to. If you are sending in for multiple services, please make sure you denote which cards are for what service.
- An easy way to do this, is simply use team bags/graded card sleeves for anything and write with a marker on the outside of them to designate what is what. 
- DM Cam on Instagram/Text/Email with a picture of the tracking number for your package.
- Cards should be in Card Savers (PSA) when you send them.
- Please do not tape the top loaders individually, instead put them in team bags to keep them from moving around.

***Shipping disclaimer: Once the cards are checked in by the post office they are no longer in our control. If something ever happens to a package in transit we are not liable but we will do our best to work with USPS, PSA and you to figure out a resolution that is best fit for the individual situation.