We are Camzcards - formerly livecasebreak.com
We are one of the "O.G." group breakers and have been doing it since 2011!  Welcome to our family.

What is a group break ?

A group break is quite simply, a "group" of collectors getting together to split the cost of a product being opened. There are many different ways to do this, which are covered below. Essentially, each member who joins a group break is designated a certain team, and will then receive any cards that come out of the product that feature that team on them. There are rules in place for multi-player cards as well, please read on below for those policies.

What is product ?

Product is simply defined as whatever is being opened in the group break, It can be a single box of cards, a couple boxes of cards, 1/2 a case of boxes, or a full sealed master case of boxes. Below we have defined the different type of slang terms used in the hobby.
Box Break - Single box group break.
Mixer Break - Multi-box group break.
1/2 Case break - a Full master case break split into two breaks.
Case Break - A full, sealed master case of boxes in one break.

***What are your rules for multi-player cards & non player redemptions ?***


Multi-player cards are assigned to winners utilizing the following criteria:
This will be forever known as the "Petit Rule"
& there is really only one line that matters, #1...

1. Everyone gets a chance, if you own a player/team on the card.

2. We type you all up into a randomizer live on screen, dice determine how many times we roll for the winner.

3. Whoever is on top in the #1 spot of the random, wins the card :) We feel these are the fairest rules in the industry, if you can think of any changes please feel free to email us at sales@livecasebreak.com. Please read the following options that pertain to multi-player cards as well.

- Split Option - If all owners of the card agree to sell & split, they may do so.
- Buyout Option - If one owner would like to make an offer to buy out the other owner's, they may attempt to do so.
- If only one owner wants to go to the randomizer, it goes to the randomizer, no questions asked
- We will always allow proper time for negotiation if all parties are agreeable to it.

****It is important to remember that it doesn't matter how you "own" a team. This can be either from pre-purchasing them through the store, or joining a pre-break random and hitting a team or multiple teams. You could also trade spots before the break, or purchase a team outright from someone selling a team in the room. Once the final sell sheet is read off, whatever teams are with your name are owned by you and will apply to the rules above.****

Non Player Redemption cards are assigned SOLELY on the break being run at that time, in some instances we will hold the card until topps announces who they are, (mystery redemptions), And in some instances we will random among the members of the break.

Live Broadcast Rules & Common Courtesy Guidelines

Once you join a break and create a user name on Youtube for our breaks, you should adhere to these guidelines or you may be banned or suspended from joining our breaks and participating in the chat room. It's really a simply policy, and shouldn't be too difficult to adhere to.

1. Please be respectful of others in the chat room, we love to discuss sports & pop culture, and understand tempers can flare sometimes when getting in heated arguments about & culture. But please, if you really feel you can't communicate anymore without using capitals, or feel the need to toss name calling into the equation or anything noted below, please take a breather and come back when you are more relaxed.
2. No profanity or obscene language, this includes drug references, slurs of ANY TYPE, and overall crude or rude language.
3. Please keep in mind we are a family oriented group breaking site, we have many parents watching with their children or grandchildren.

Random Break Filling Policy In The Room

In an effort to make our randoms easy and fair to join, we simply will post a line "-------------" in the room when we are ready to fill, if you would like to join, simply place a 1,2,3,4 for however many spots you would like to enter for. If you are above the line, your entry will not be counted.

More Coming Soon !